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Understanding your Purchase Orders

Welcome to Landing Platform!

A step-by-step look at all the terms on your purchase order:

Confirmed: The retailer has confirmed the order

Supply Shipped: You have shipped the order to Landing’s receiving warehouse

Warehouse: We have received your order in our warehouse

Delivery Shipped: The order has been shipped to the retailer’s warehouse

Delivered: The order made it to the retailer’s warehouse

Paid: The order is complete and the retailer has paid!

SKU: A unique identifier assigned to each product that serves as a reference number on the platform and to retailers

Testers: Extra product required for in-store displays

MSRP: The price that the customer will pay for your product

Unit Price: The price that the retailer will pay for your product

Commission: The percentage of sales that Landing receives on orders transacted through the platform

Fulfillment: The cost of fulfillment, calculated as a percentage of your order

Delivery Shipping: The cost of shipping, calculated as a percentage of your order

Ship Date: The first day that the order can be shipped to meet the retailer requirements. Some retailers penalize if you ship prior to the ship date

Cancel Date: The last day your order must be received by the retailer before the order will be cancelled

Estimated Payment Date: The estimated date on which you will receive payment from the retailer for this order

Payment Terms: This tells you when the retailer will pay you.

Net 30: The retailer will pay you 30 days from the receipt of goods

Net 60: The retailer will pay you 60 days from the receipt of goods

Compliance – Product Ticketing
: This indicates that the retailer requires product ticketing. Product ticketing is individual labelling on products

Compliance – Retailer EDI (Electronic Date Interchange): A system that retailers use to communicate their orders and other information. This means your or your warehouse must be EDI compliant and be capable of receiving orders through this system.

Compliance – Vendor Guide: This indicates that you need to refer to the retailer’s vendor guide before shipping. A vendor guide is a document provided by the retailer on how to pack and ship orders to its distribution centers

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