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Introducing Hanskin to the U.S. Market

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Hanskin approached Landing International in 2018 to refine their brand identity for a U.S. audience. While the brand was well-known in its home market in Korea, it did not have key differentiators needed to make it appealing to American beauty buyers. 

Landing saw an opportunity to use the brand’s heritage as the inventors of BB Cream as a way of introducing the American customer to a brand they had never heard of before. Landing also used the emerging glass skin trend as a way to differentiate the brand’s products from others on the market. 

Landing’s resulting strategy, centered around Hanskin’s heritage as pioneers of K-Beauty’s glass skin trend, successfully landed the brand in a number of U.S. retailers, including Ulta Beauty. In 2021, as the brand continued to build influence with American beauty shoppers, Landing executed a messaging re-brand to align the Hanskin story, voice, and personality with consumer preferences for emotional and values-driven brands.

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