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Fast Company Names 10 Most Innovative Beauty Companies

It’s that time of year again—Fast Company publishes its annual list of World’s Most Innovative Companies, and names the top companies in separate categories, including beauty. including the 10 most innovative beauty companies listed below. This year. Grove Collaborative is recognized as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2022 list for its sustainability initiatives, while Virtue Labs is featured on the 10 Most Innovative Beauty Companies, listed below.

10 Most Innovative Beauty Companies of 2022

  1. Eadem—For formulating a skincare serum uniquely for women of color

2. L’Oreal—For helping hair salons save water with every wash

3. Virtue Labs—For shedding light on the under-illuminated issue of female hair loss

4. Loveseen—For getting users aflutter over faux lashes through its direct-to-consumer store

5. Heat Free Hair—For creating haircare designed for extensions

6. Hourglass Cosmetics—For achieving the perfect red, without cruelty

7. Landing International—For leveraging the power of tech to boost minority-owned businesses

8. Dior—For making the metaverse look its best Atticus—For giving the skincare industry a masculine face

9. Boy Smells—For throwing labels out the window with gender-fluid branding

Read the full article here.

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