Expanding Into New Channels

In 2016, COSRX was a little known brand in South Korea sold primarily in online channels. COSRX was interested in exploring retail and expanding into the U.S. market. Landing partnered with COSRX to establish its U.S. retail strategy and expansion.  

Initially, Landing targeted younger demographic retailers such as Urban Outfitters and influential single location retailers like Nigel Beauty Emporium and C.O. Bigelow for COSRX. At the time, COSRX’s product assortment was geared towards problem skin. Landing created a brand story focused on COSRX’s minimal, clean ingredients that solved common skin problems.

In the past five years, COSRX has become the leading K-Beauty indie brand in the U.S. Landing has launched the brand in over 26 retailers including Ulta, Target, Nordstrom and FabFitFun and helped it to grow to millions in annual sales. Landing continues to work closely with COSRX developing new U.S. targeted products each year and expanding into new channels.

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