Euka Wellness Buyer Box

Powered by eucalyptus, mother nature’s decongestant, the Euka system proactively optimizes health every day – without the use of potentially toxic ingredients that are found in many traditional treatments. The result: everyday wellness supercharged by synergistic botanicals and backed by science.

Wellness Bento Box, $50

Discover Euka’s six best-selling, doctor-formulated wellness essentials in 2-week trial sizes. Includes: Wellness Saline Spray, Wellness Aromatherapy Roller, Wellness Antiseptic Spray, Fite Vite Multi-Vitamin + Immunity Boost, Breathe Well Shower Bombs and Wellness Infused Sanitizing Wipes.

Euka Wellness Bento Box

Euka On-The-Go Kit, $44

It’s in the bag! Bring your wellness ritual with you, anywhere! Includes Euka’s top six wellness essentials in travel-approved sizes so you can stay healthy, prepared, and pampered wherever you go.

Euka On-The-Go Kit

Wellness Shower Bombs 6-Pack (Variety Pack), $18

Transform your shower into an aromatherapy wet spa! Infused with a proprietary blend of airway-clearing essential oils, these aromatherapy shower bombs fill your shower with a therapeutic scent that relaxes your body and transforms your mood.

Euka Wellness Shower Bombs 6-Pack

Wellness Saline Spray (2-Pack), $18

A better nasal spray! Cleanse your nasal biome and support healthy immune system function with this pH-balanced spray designed o deliver the perfect congestion-clearing dose with every spritz.

Euka Wellness Saline Spray 2-Pack

Fite Vite Multi-Vitamin + Immunity Boost 2-Pack, $25

Your multivitamin should be doing more. Supercharged with a blend of organic herbs, phytonutrients, and vitamins designed to awaken your immune system, Fite Vite is a doctor-formulated multivitamin that supports daily energy and lasting immunity. They taste great, too!

Euka Fite Vite Multi-Vitamin + Immunity Boost 2-Pack

Wellness Aromatherapy Roller, $20

Breathe in and let the stress melt away. Designed to support a healthy immune system, this soothing essential oil blend contains refreshing eucalyptus, soothing lavender, and the antimicrobial power of clove.

Euka Wellness Aromatherapy Roller

Happy Aromatherapy Roller, $20

Uplift your mood anytime, anywhere with a citrusy delight that will keep you smiling! Euka’s Happy roller combines natural extracts and essential oils designed to support a healthy immune system with a fresh and uplifting blend of eucalyptus, citrus, geranium, and the antimicrobial power of clove.

Euka Happy Aromatherapy Roller

Detox Aromatherapy Roller, $20

Breathe the goodness in and let the toxins out with invigorating mint exhilaration you can feel! Euka’s Detox roller combines organic natural extracts and essential oils designed to support a healthy immune system with an invigorating blend of eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint, and the antimicrobial power of clove.

Euka Detox Aromatherapy Roller

Wellness Antiseptic Spray 2-Pack, $10

Discover hand sanitizer that actually smells good and doesn’t dry out your skin. This germ-killing spray contains 62% plant-based alcohol, hydrating glycerin, and natural essential oils to gently cleanse and leave skin smelling fresh.

Wellness Antiseptic Spray 2-Pack

Wellness Sanitizing Wipes, 30-pack, $7

Sanitize without the chemical stink. Quickly wipe away 99.9% of germs with these hydrating sanitizing wipes infused with 65% plant-based alcohol and aromatic essential oils.

Euka Wellness Sanitizing Wipes

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