Developing an Integrated Influencer Marketing Plan

Starting in 2019, emerging skincare brand, Hanskin, sought out Landing to assist in building their social media presence and engagement. After seeing an increase in sales from organic influencer coverage, they realized the importance of influencer marketing in building overall brand equity and consumer reach across digital platforms. Landing was set with the task to develop an integrated influencer marketing plan that would share the brand voice, education, and strategically  further reach consumers that would assist in an increase of retail sales at Ulta.

To start, Landing developed an on-going influencer marketing plan focused specifically on nano-influencers. Working with nano-influencers, with high engagement, had three goals – to receive detailed product reviews on their social channels, reach their dedicated followers of skin-enthusiasts, and develop shareable content that could be repurposed on Hanskin’s Instagram.

After achieving brand credibility with smaller influencers, Landing started positioning Hanskin to partner with macro and mega influencers – specifically for their Vitamin C Glow line launch. The partnerships included eight macro and mega influencers, all creating dedicated posts and stories with swipe-ups to Ulta. 

The numbers of unique accounts reached skyrocketed during the launch week with over 200K impressions. Hanskin’s Instagram profile visits increased over 40% and traffic to Hanskin’s Ulta page increased 50%. The campaign also established additional credibility with a wider range of influencers and brands, resulting in a 60% increase of inbound emails from newly interested influencer partners and brand partners.

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