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Building Brand Recognition in the U.S.

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Matcha-infused, J-Beauty brand, Kitao, newly launched into the US retail market and was looking for media coverage to increase retail sales and overall brand awareness. Although established in Japan, the brand lacked any recognition in the states. Kitao approached Landing to create a communications brand strategy that would communicate the products Japanese heritage techniques and educate potential consumers on the ingredient benefits. With the added challenge of J-Beauty still being a lesser-known skincare category, the brand looked to Landing to assist in building overall brand and product credibility. 

Landing’s strategy focused on positioning Kitao as leaders and educators on J-Beauty in the US. The brand’s long-standing knowledge around Japanese skincare techniques and practices allowed Landing to hone in on their overall expertise, building brand equity and reliability for their key products and how Kitao encapsulates J-Beauty. 

The solution resulted in securing larger brand features, in addition to product round-ups, that focused on Kitao’s Japanese heritage and formulation, rather than having it be seen as a brand that simply uses Japanese inspired techniques. Kitao brand story coverage in top-tier media positioned the brand as a leader in the J-Beauty category while also steadily increasing, and maintaining, sales at key US major retailers.

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