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4 Reasons to Love Our Training Tool

New to beauty retail? Because you’re competing with household names on shelf, you need a training program to win the hearts of sales associates so they’ll recommend your products to shoppers. But historically, retail training has demanded brand budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars–with full-time brand employees or high-price contractors visiting individual stores to train sales staff.

To close the gap for indie brands, we recently launched a digital retail training feature that helps brands reach retail associates online. Our Training Tool makes it easy to upload product information into templated training sheets that can be shared with sales associates via a simple link or QR code. You can also upload training videos, sales tips and more to create a personal connection with sales associates. Here are four things you’ll love about our new tool! 

Push Target Products:

Landing’s Training Tool makes it easy for sales associates to support specific products to help you meet your sales goals. Simply upload content for the hero products you want associates to focus on and send out a link featuring those items. 

Share Demo Tips:

When you create a training sheet, you can add demo tips that will help sales associates learn how to show your products to customers. Things like demo-ing the product texture on the back of the hand can help customers create a more sensorial connection to a product.

Boost Upselling:

Share cross-sellers on your training sheets so sales associates know which products work better together. This will help them upsell to customers who already love one of your products. 

Make Updates Quickly:

With Landing’s Training Tool, you can edit and reshare your training sheets in less than five minutes! This makes it easy to respond to retailer feedback, adjust your strategy in a snap, or change your product focus.

Want to put our Training Tool to the test for your brand?  Upgrade to a premium subscription for access to our Training Tool or reach out to our team for more information. 


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