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Redefining The Year For Beauty Tech

As consumer values and expectations shifted, big beauty corporates and startups alike have been forced to adapt. From ‘microbiome’ beauty to virtual try-on, here are the trends and tech that will continue to transform the sector in 2021 and beyond.

A year later, Covid-19 continues to shape the beauty space, but brands are now better equipped to deal with no in-person try-on and on-the-floor sampling. The Beauty Tech trends put the people first. Companies are going to more effort to understand consumers and offer them precisely what they need. And consumers can test out products in ways they never had before

Tech is playing a more prominent and more significant role in the beauty industry.

For example:

  • Amazon runs a dedicated beauty supply store that sells salon products and equipment to businesses. It even opened a brick-and-mortar hair salon to showcase its tech.
  • Google works with brands to use its search data to better understand beauty shoppers’ preferences.
  • Livestreaming beauty shopping is taking off on platforms like Facebook-owned Instagram e-commerce site.

In 2021, the beauty industry is taking many learnings and permanent shifts from the past year. And while some trends will fizzle out, others will only expand their reach. You can read more here


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