Vegan Beauty Buyer Box

Compassionate beauty at its best. Formulated for discerning vegan beauty lovers, these standout skin and makeup products are more than just cruelty-free: they’re free of all animal-based ingredients, including beeswax.

Likewise Supercharge Water Gel, $36

This fragrance-free gel moisturizer provides instant hydration that sinks in quickly and replenishes the moisture barrier with featherweight ceramides and multiple forms of hyaluronic acid.

Likewise Supercharge Water Gel

Unleashia Get Loose Glitter Gel Mini N°5 Diamond Stealer, $22

PETA-certified and biodegradable, this eco-friendly glitter gel is the winner of Allure Korea’s Best in Beauty Award for its long-lasting, non-sticky formula.   

Unleashia Get Loose Glitter Gel Mini N°5 Diamond Stealer

I’m From Fig Cleansing Balm, $30

Infused with fresh figs, this decadent cleansing balm features a sorbet-like texture that instantly melts makeup, leaving the skin smooth and silky.  

I’m From Fig Cleansing Balm

With My Spearmint Toothpaste, $9

This vegan and fluoride-free toothpaste keeps your mouth fresh with cooling spearmint oil and natural stain-removing ingredients.

With My Spearmint Toothpaste

FanLoveBeauty Stage Balm for Lips, $9.99

This beeswax-free balm keeps lips hydrated and soft with sea asparagus, a clinically proven ingredient that boosts skin moisture by up to 6000%.

FanLoveBeauty Stage Balm For Lips

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