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New Arrival: Clean Circle

We’re proud to announce a new addition to the BeautyFluent app: Clean Circle, an eco-friendly alternative to makeup remover wipes.


About Clean Circle:

As the first generation daughter of a seamstress with a firm understanding of the textile industry, Founder Lena Cho set out to build a brand focused on sustainability, transparent materials, and ethical workplaces. Clean Circle was founded to champion diversity, sustainability, and culture through beauty. Its eco-friendly products make single-use beauty tools a thing of the past. Made from OEKO-Tex® certified bamboo fabrics, Clean Circle’s makeup remover pads are reusable and machine washable.


Hero products:



Bamboo Charcoal Makeup Remover Pads $24.00

Measuring 3 inches in length, this 5-pack of re-washable charcoal pads can remove a full face of makeup with one single pad. It is thoughtfully designed with a pointed tip to gently clean your lashlines and inner eye corners. 

Good for: All skin types. Soft and gentle for sensitive skin. 

How to use: Wet the reusable makeup remover pad with warm water or your favorite makeup remover liquid and gently wipe off makeup as needed. 




Bamboo Velour Skincare Pads $22.00

This 10-pack of reusable bamboo velour skincare pads are the perfect alternative to single-use cotton rounds. These soft, luxurious gentle pads are perfect for applying toners and serums to your face, neck, and collarbone while absorbing less product than the traditional cotton round.

Good for: All skin types. Soft and gentle for sensitive skin. 


Find Clean Circle at JCPenney, Credo and Thrive Market. 

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