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JCPenney Beauty Expands Nationwide

After JCPenney’s Beauty’s initial launch of 10 pilot locations in October 2021, it is now available in nearly 250 stores nationwide–expanding to 300 stores by early 2023 and 600 stores by the spring of next year. 


In line with JCP’s dedication to creating a more diverse and inclusive product offering, JCP has onboarded over 100 new brands with over 60 brands being minority owned or female founded. To achieve this groundbreaking assortment, JCPenney worked in partnership with Landing International–sourcing 17 indie and minority-owned brands through our platform. The team at JCPenney also partnered with Thirteen Lune, an ecommerce platform dedicated to BIPOC-owned beauty brands. 


Born from the need for JCPenney to define its own beauty strategy after its longstanding partnership with Sephora ends this year. “We exist to celebrate and serve America’s diverse, working families, which is why we are leading the charge to foster beauty inclusivity on a national scale,” Michelle Wlazlo, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at JCPenney, said in a statement. “By creating a fully ownable beauty experience, JCPenney can quickly adapt and respond to our customers’ wants and needs. Last year’s preview launch allowed us to learn from our customers and evolve the JCPenney Beauty experience as it expands nationwide and online, making it unlike any other beauty retail experience.”


Landing is proud to be a partner in this industry-defining beauty concept focused on creating more opportunity for minority-owned brands and the diverse customers that they serve. We will continue to support the concept with BeautyFluent, our new training app designed to make training more rewarding for beauty advisors and more accessible for brands. 


For more information on our partnership with JCPenney and how your brand can get involved, please get in touch with our team at contact@landingintl.comIMG 7530

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