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How To Find Your Social Following

So you want to build a community on social media? Start with these easy tips to craft a strong strategy and get new organic followers. 


General Best Practices

  • Authenticity Above All: Choose personality over polish 
  • Community > Everything: Engage with your champions to build connection 
  • Reach Out: Engage with other similar pages to prompt dialogue and interest



  • Seek Engagement: Use the interactive features on Stories to ask your community what they’re interested in seeing
  • Prioritize Video: Mix traditional static posts with video posts to satisfy the algorithm
  • Fewer, Better Hashtags: Be creative with hashtags and pick 6-8 relevant ones



  • Think Short: Create YouTube shorts (videos under 60 seconds) to maximize your footage
  • Be Consistent: Growth will be slow in the beginning, but will take off with regular posting
  • Make it Custom: Customize your thumbnails and add a watermark to protect your content



  • Post Regularly: TikTok rewards consistency above all
  • Act On Comments: Use user comments as new video prompts
  • Utilize the Playlist Feature: Help users find older, but still relevant, content
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