Sarah’s JCPenney Beauty Picks

BeautyFluent founder, Sarah Chung Park, has tried thousands of beauty products over her career. So what makes the cut in her routine? Take a peek at her top picks, all available at JCPenney Beauty.


ORG Mineral Peel Face, $36

“This is one of my favorite products when I need a refresh! It gently removes dead skin and leaves me with the perfect glow everytime. It is ideal for sensitive skin and for people who like to see immediate results from their routine–and who doesn’t?” 


Hanskin PHA Pore Cleansing Oil, $27

“Hanskin has outdone themselves with this cleansing oil! I use this oil to help remove my makeup before using a foaming cleanser. Using a good melt before cleansing will allow your active skincare, like moisturizers and serums, to really penetrate properly so you can maximize the benefits.” 


IsnTree Clay Mask, $24

“This clay mask has become a staple for me! I use it as a quick treatment before bed so I can wake up looking refreshed and not like I have a baby and two cats who keep me up all night!” 

Landing International x JCPenney Beauty. Our parent company helped JCPenney curate the most inclusive and diverse selection in beauty

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