How to Create a Compelling Brand Video

How to Create a Compelling Brand Video for BeautyFluent  Did you know that most beauty advisors like learning about new products and brands by watching videos? But with entertaining TikTok and Instagram content at their fingertips, a boring brand video isn’t going to cut it. Here are a few best practices to help you create […]

3 Things We Learned From BeautyFluencers at Our Latest Event

Last month, we hosted a Galentine’s Day Event exclusively for beauty advisors in Downtown LA. It was an exciting opportunity for BAs across retail to come together and learn about brands like COSRX, Ardell Beauty, Tangle Teezer, and good light cosmetics.     As always, the beauty advisors were eager to share their insights and enthusiasm […]

What beauty advisors say about your brand

Since we launched BeautyFluent,  we’ve gotten to know hundreds of beauty advisors in the BeautyFluent community. Every time we meet, we ask one key question: what can brands do differently to stand out at retail? Here are three pieces of advice beauty advisors have to offer to help you cut through the noise: 1) Add […]

BeautyFluent FAQs

How do beauty advisors access BeautyFluent? BeautyFluent is available for free to download through the Apple App Store and Google Play.    How do you assure that only Beauty Advisors have access to the app?  At registration, beauty advisors must identify which retailer they work for and which location. This ensures that your training materials […]

7 Tips For Increasing Beauty Advisor Product Knowledge

The role of the beauty advisor in promoting brand awareness is often enormously undervalued. By helping customers find beauty products they’ll love, beauty advisors are the mouthpiece for your brand in the retail environment. So how can you ensure that beauty advisors are falling in love with your brand and sharing that love with customers? […]

3 Reasons Why Consumers Aren’t Buying Your Product

Making your retail debut is a huge win for your beauty brand. But if the weeks go by and your in-store sales are lackluster, your time on shelf may be short-lived. With thousands of brands to choose from and and their job performance directly tied to sales numbers, retail buyers are incentivized to cycle out […]

BeautyFluent: Retail Sales Training Made Easy

Your products are finally available in retail stores: congratulations! But what happens next? Between drawing up marketing plans and managing the operational logistics of breaking into retail, many brands forget one critical piece: retail sales training. This essential educational initiative ensures that beauty advisors working in retail stores know your brand exists and understand how […]

Success Stories That Prove Training Really Works

Has your buyer asked you about your training strategy yet? For decades, training has been considered one of the most tried-and-true ways to improve beauty retail sales and increase customer awareness. An entire B2B industry of consultants, sales advisors, and expert educators has popped up to help beauty brands reap the benefits from smart training […]

Why DTC Indie Brands Are Turning to Retail

For the last ten years, DTC beauty brands have been winning hearts and dollars, securing ungated access to a loyal customer base without sacrificing precious margin to retail partners. During the COVID pandemic, these brands were able to weather the storm in large part thanks to their independence. But as we emerge from the pandemic, […]