Success Stories That Prove Training Really Works

Has your buyer asked you about your training strategy yet? For decades, training has been considered one of the most tried-and-true ways to improve beauty retail sales and increase customer awareness. An entire B2B industry of consultants, sales advisors, and expert educators has popped up to help beauty brands reap the benefits from smart training […]

Why DTC Indie Brands Are Turning to Retail

For the last ten years, DTC beauty brands have been winning hearts and dollars, securing ungated access to a loyal customer base without sacrificing precious margin to retail partners. During the COVID pandemic, these brands were able to weather the storm in large part thanks to their independence. But as we emerge from the pandemic, […]

Why Diversity and Inclusivity Are Vital in Beauty

Since its inception, Landing has been committed to advancing inclusivity, diversity and ethical business in beauty and wellness. By championing brands committed to these values–both large and small–we hope to create a more positive future for our industry and the people who love beauty.  As a minority and woman-owned business, these values have long been […]

Four Things Sales Associates Want Brands to Know

When your brand is available at thousands of retail locations across the nation, it can be hard to know what’s happening at the store level. That’s why it’s so important for brands to have a close connection to the sales associates that interact with customers every day. Here at Landing, we’re lucky to welcome two […]

4 Reasons to Love Our Training Tool

New to beauty retail? Because you’re competing with household names on shelf, you need a training program to win the hearts of sales associates so they’ll recommend your products to shoppers. But historically, retail training has demanded brand budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars–with full-time brand employees or high-price contractors visiting individual stores […]