Boost Sell-Through at Retail With BeautyFluent

Meet BeautyFluent, the first rewards-based training app that helps brands empower retail beauty advisors to flex their influence on the sales floor.   “We created BeautyFluent to make training more effective, efficient, and empowering for brands. With BeautyFluent, you don’t need a huge budget or nationwide sales team to tap into a diverse community of […]

See BeautyFluent In Action

BeautyFluent, powered by Landing International, is the first rewards-based training app that helps brands empower retail beauty advisors to flex their influence on the sales floor. Our app makes it simple for beauty advisors to discover your product training in 3 easy ways.      Scan to Learn  Beauty advisor scans your product barcode Instant […]

New Arrival: Clean Circle

We’re proud to announce a new addition to the BeautyFluent app: Clean Circle, an eco-friendly alternative to makeup remover wipes.   About Clean Circle: As the first generation daughter of a seamstress with a firm understanding of the textile industry, Founder Lena Cho set out to build a brand focused on sustainability, transparent materials, and […]

How To Find Your Social Following

So you want to build a community on social media? Start with these easy tips to craft a strong strategy and get new organic followers.    General Best Practices Authenticity Above All: Choose personality over polish  Community > Everything: Engage with your champions to build connection  Reach Out: Engage with other similar pages to prompt […]

<strong>Four Brands That Reached Retail Success with Landing </strong>

Since we got our start in 2016, Landing has helped over 100 brands break into U.S. beauty retail. A resource for leading retailers like Ulta, Target, Dermstore and more, our platform helps brands connect with retail buyers and support sell-through once they’re in store. Today, some of the most exciting emerging brands that you see […]

What You Missed From Our K-Beauty Webinar

  Since it first hit the American beauty scene in the 1980s with just a few large brands, K-Beauty has experienced an enormous surge in the U.S. market–reaching a peak between 2013 and 2017 when Korean exports to the United States increased by 389%.  Today, the K-Beauty landscape in the U.S. market is experiencing a […]

The Big Changes Coming Soon to Landing International

Since Landing launched in 2016, we’ve had a vision of using technology to level the retail playing field in the beauty industry. With this vision in our sights, we’ve spent the last two years developing some exciting updates to our platform and the way we do business with our brand partners. Here’s a sneak peek […]

Clean Beauty Trend Report: January 2022

It’s a new year, and with it, beauty brands and retailers are beginning to announce their most exciting new initiatives. As our industry’s fastest growing segment, clean beauty shows no signs of slowing down–instead, it’s shifting to reflect changes in consumer demand. Read on to discover four clean beauty trends to watch.

Four Retail Experts on Why Training Is Essential

When faced with what has traditionally been a high-cost endeavor, many indie brands are left wondering: Is the expense of training really worth it? The answer is a resounding yes. Across the industry, brand founders and retailers alike have validated that smart training programs can make a huge difference in your retail sales. Here are […]