Is Tech Killing Brick and Mortar?

How many times have you heard that tech will spell the demise of in-store shopping? From e-commerce to AR/AI try-on tools, every new technological advancement has sent forecasters predicting the end of brick-and-mortar as we know it. But those predictions haven’t panned out. If the recent retail renaissance has proven anything, it’s that brick-and-mortar will always […]

BeautyFluent FAQs

How do beauty advisors access BeautyFluent? BeautyFluent is available for free to download through the Apple App Store and Google Play.    How do you assure that only Beauty Advisors have access to the app?  At registration, beauty advisors must identify which retailer they work for and which location. This ensures that your training materials […]

New Arrival : Patchology

We’re proud to announce a new addition to the BeautyFluent app: Patchology, a leading innovator in transdermal patch technology!    About Patchology: With roots in medical patch technology, Patchology was founded in 2014 to deliver effective skincare ingredients using transdermal innovation. With their HydraSurge technology, Patchology sheet masks only take 5 minutes for all the […]

JCPenney Beauty Expands Nationwide

After JCPenney’s Beauty’s initial launch of 10 pilot locations in October 2021, it is now available in nearly 250 stores nationwide–expanding to 300 stores by early 2023 and 600 stores by the spring of next year.    In line with JCP’s dedication to creating a more diverse and inclusive product offering, JCP has onboarded over […]

About Tangle Teezer

We’re proud to announce a new addition to the BeautyFluent app: Tangle Teezer, a leading innovator in hair tools and accessories that has gained an obsessive cult following around the world.    About Tangle Teezer: Founded by leading hair colorist Shaun P. in 2007, Tangle Teezer specializes in detangling solutions for all hair types and […]

100 Women of Influence in 2022

Every year, Entrepreneur selects 100 Women of Influence making strides in innovation, culture, and equity. Alongside beauty industry tycoons like Jennifer Lopez and Nicola Kilner of Deciem, Landing International founder and CEO Sarah Chung Park was recognized for her work helping small, diverse beauty and wellness brands succeed at retail. In the feature, Sarah recalls […]

How to Maximize Your Training ROI

How to Maximize Your Training ROI  For decades, training has been considered one of the most tried-and-true ways to improve beauty retail sales and increase customer awareness. An entire B2B industry of consultants, sales advisors, and expert educators has popped up to help beauty brands reap the benefits from smart training programs. And yet, in […]

New Arrival: Goodlight

About Goodlight: Since 2016, David Yi has been an inspiring voice in the beauty community and used his platform, Very Good Light, to foster a community of inclusivity and a safe space to empower conversations about redefining masculinity. David has since launched a gender-inclusive personal care brand in 2021, Good Light, that believes in beauty […]

Sarah’s JCPenney Beauty Picks

BeautyFluent founder, Sarah Chung Park, has tried thousands of beauty products over her career. So what makes the cut in her routine? Take a peek at her top picks, all available at JCPenney Beauty.   ORG Mineral Peel Face, $36 “This is one of my favorite products when I need a refresh! It gently removes […]